To support the students and the staff in imparting new-age programmes, the school has a full-fledged Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Lab and Library-Media Centre

The window to the world

The ICT Programme encompasses the use of a wide range of digital tools, media and learning environment for teaching, learning and assessing. Whereas, the Library-Media programme provides ample opportunities for teachers in enabling students to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize and cultivate the habit of self-learning and research. Epistemo continues to set new standards in providing end-to-end educational infrastructure enabling teachers to teach and students to learn without limitations.

Students sense of pride and self esteem are at their best when they share with flair. To improve student's global competencies and diverse learning initiatives, the school is forging links with leading educational forums and networks worldwide.

At EG, every classroom converts into a virtual classroom with latest technological advancements where students with the help of teachers explore and make connections to classrooms worldwide to develop reason and logic through realtime learning.

An online student exchange programme is designed where students share experiences, cultural ideologies and social outlook with their counterparts around the world.

Collaborative teaching and learning, Global projects, virtual museums and virtual laboratories provide insights into their areas of interest and help them perform to the best of their potential and emerge successful.