Evolving with education

We follow CBSE curriculum and promote innovation, application and inquiry based learning, right from the elementary stage. The school proposes to adopt Cambridge International Primary Programme syllabus to offer education of global standards with a futuristic approach.

Epistemo Global follows a unique methodology that is well suited to the child's innate quest to learn by "doing". Most of the learning activities are through a number of sequential and scientifically designed tools for multi-sensory aspects and individualized education. The school provides an array of valuable experiences from which children create their knowledge. The shift from a theme-based approach to a more specialized and focused understanding of concepts in varied disciplines helps students of middle and senior section gain insights into their areas of interest. The students are encouraged to explore and investigate; consolidate and connect, what they learn; ponder over and question it, and then demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.

Engrossed today, enriched forever

EG has adopted the CCE system of CBSE. The entire academic year is divided into two terms – Term 1 (April to September) and Term 2 (October to March). Students are assessed throughout a term using various subject specific tools and techniques such as quiz, lab activity, role play, extempore speech, debate, poster making, cyclic written assessments called Formative Assessments (FA). To sum up learning at the end of a term, an elaborate written assessment called Summative Assessment (SA) is conducted. The end of the term report reflects learner's performance in both FA and SA.

FA gives a vivid understanding of the day to day learning of a child to the parents and a feedback on the effectiveness of the teaching methodologies to the educators.

Epistemo Global believes in imparting

We believe in inclusive education. If a few students need extra attention, we are more than happy to extend our services. We fervently believe that no two students are alike, and therefore we need to create opportunities for our students to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways. Epistemo Global has an environment and support system required to handle all types of learners at all levels of cognitive skills. The school also has a dedicated special educator to cater to the needs of differently abled students.

Communication skills; Need of the hour

The School emphasizes on communication skills as it is the most important skill in today's competitive world. It is for this reason we have associated ourselves with the Trinity College London, and have become their official partner to conduct their Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE). GESE is globally recognized test of spoken English and is approved for UK visa or settlement purposes.

English is the only language of communication in the school. However, parents may also communicate with us in their vernacular, if need be.